Epanda Ecommerce Fulfilment Services 电子商务仓库服务

Supporting your online business by providing you fulfilment and warehousing service. 




Our Proposition 我们的理念 

We have the regional capabilities & localized fulfilment centres to provide

for your business needs in serving & delivering to Malaysian consumers.




That's right, you do the selling and promoting, we will...


  1. Store Your Products in our Local Warehouse 将您的产品安全地存放在我们的仓库
  2. Manage Your inventory  妥善管理您的库存
  3. Handle & Pack Your Products  订单处理与包装产品
  4. Deliver Your Products to Your Customers 在最短的时间内把产品送给顾客



Epanda Ecommerce Fulfilment Service is for...

ePanda 电子商务仓库服务接待的客户包括

  1. Online Sellers 线上卖家
  2. Startup Product Brand Owners  初创品牌业者
  3. International Sellers looking to enter Malaysian Market 想把业务拓展至马来西亚市场的国际卖家 
  4. International Sellers looking for quicker fulfilment of orders 想缩短送货时间的国际卖家



Here is what you need to do next...


  1. Request the sign-up form from us  填写注册表格
  2. We will contact you to understand your needs and cater our services to you  我们将与您联系以了解您的需求并提供服务
  3. Store and list your product with us 存放与上载产品至线上商店平台 (e.g Lazada, Shopee)
  4. We handle the fulfilment and deliver your goods to the consumer 我们将会处理订单及送货至您的顾客